[ve_testimonial_container][ve_testimonial_section title=”Jim Scott” occupation=”Co-founder and CEO, Kinstantly, Co-Founder, Caring.com, Global VP of Editorial, BabyCenter.com”]I’ve hired Melanie for numerous projects, and she has consistently impressed me as someone who is both a great writer and a great editor. She sees the big picture, thinks strategically, and delivers copy that always hits the mark. She’s a gem.[/ve_testimonial_section][ve_testimonial_section title=”Bob Cohn” occupation=”President, The Atlantic”]Melanie is creative, intelligent, diligent, professional, highly skilled, and a joy to work with. I recommend her as a writer, editor, and manager.[/ve_testimonial_section][ve_testimonial_section title=”Anne Krueger” occupation=”Editor in Chief, Parade Magazine”]I’ve worked with Melanie at numerous magazines and websites and am also very familiar with the high-quality important work she does for other outlets. Why is Melanie a go-to contributor for me no matter where I work? In every job, every story, every post, Melanie has demonstrated a commitment to the finest and deepest research and reporting. I highly recommend her work and professionalism.[/ve_testimonial_section][ve_testimonial_section title=”Rebecca Ragain” occupation=”Digital Marketing Manager, WesTech Engineering”]Melanie’s work is outstanding for the attention to detail. Her articles read very well and include the appropriate amount of technical content. I’m a very happy customer.[/ve_testimonial_section][/ve_testimonial_container]