We all know how difficult – and time-consuming – it can be trying to communicate your company’s message to potential clients, staff, and a busy, distracted world. Whether the medium is a brochure, newsletter, manual, positioning statement, sell sheet, white paper, or annual report, the message is the same: your company has a story to tell. Let me tell it for you.

Thanks to years of experience working in arenas as diverse as health care, finance, engineering, and travel, I’m familiar with the concepts, terms and issues specific to a wide range of industries and businesses. I can find the right style and tone to characterize your message and communicate your agenda. And no matter what the topic, I communicate values common to all fields: timeliness, news value, personalization, and the importance of direct engagement. My client references are unanimous: I can take on just about any topic and create powerful, polished copy that is clear, concise, readable – and entertaining.