As an executive editor at several of San Francisco's most successful Internet content sites, Melanie Haiken not only learned how to write for the Web, but how to manage large-scale projects and organize a sophisticated network of content so it's both accessible and engaging. Many people think they can write for the Web, but not many know how to create a unique identity, maintain a voice, and lock in a loyal audience by creating a sense of community. The secret? Know what your readers are looking for, and give it to them with carefully tailored headers and links.

Melanie Haiken knows how to seed stories with keywords and catch phrases to lure readers in, organize page hierarchies to lead them deeper into your site, and write sharp, snappy copy to keep them from clicking away.

Currently, Melanie is a Senior Writer for, a new website for people who are caring for aging parents. She creates and manages all content related to caregiving for those with cancer.

For, one of the premiere user interface sites in the country (four Webbies; four million users), she created the blueprint for a new site,, aimed at parents of older kids. While at the
Industry Standard, she helped create an online content database serving investors and financial managers across the country. For WebMD she has specialized in content management projects and search engine optimization (SEO). For, she mapped out and created a large quantity of new content in preparation for launch. And for Consumer Health Interactive she managed content projects for large HMOs such as Blue Cross (, and has been responsible for numerous client-sponsored mini-sites.

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